ultra-gentle cleansing milk
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ultra-gentle cleansing milk 200ml

Deeply effective cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin. Apply morning and evening to the face, gently massage, and rinse with warm water. Suitable for all skin types, especially for dehydrated, sensitive skin, this cleansing milk with camomile oil, shea butter, and bisabolol clears the skin of impurities, residual (eye) make-up, and harmful substances.

The resul:t perfect clean skin, radiant, delicate, and refreshed.

We recommend applying ultra-gentle lotion to further clarify the skin and prepare it for further treatment.

ultra-gentle cleansing milk 200ml
ultra-gentle cleansing milk 200ml

Cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin

"ultra-gentle cleansing milk 200ml" is recommended for the following skin types: