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The MBK philosophy

The innovative product lines and special treatments from Methode Brigitte Kettner (MBK) are based on a holistic approach and the individual needs of our clients. "Only when I look at the person as a whole, try to put myself in her shoes, and see her as an individual, will I achieve really convincing results", says company founder Brigitte Kettner, summarising her philosophy.

Skin problems can have a number of different causes. That’s why an analysis should always be the first step of any cosmetic treatment. The cosmetician uses a special classification system called diathesis to diagnose the problem and develop a personal care plan. High-quality, specific active ingredients, in combination with effective professional treatments ensure optimal results.

MBK is only distributed by cosmetically and medically trained staff. The MBK treatment methods may only be performed by staff who have participated in our on-site training and education programme. This guarantees that clients receive the right care for their individual skin type and professional instructions for the specific application.

When developing new products and treatments, Methode Brigitte Kettner relies on the results of its own research, the latest developments in microbiology, the proven knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, homoeopathic ideas, and the power of selected natural ingredients.


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