Combination skin
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Combination skin


The complexion can vary from dry to normal to oily all at once on a single person. While the skin might be peeling from dry spots, the T-zone might fall within the typical spectrum of an oily skin condition that’s shiny and with large pores, prone to blemishes, deposits, and blackheads or whiteheads. Combination skin is the result of having unevenly distributed sebaceous glands. They are concentrated in the T-zone, while the dry areas of your face remain undermoisturised.

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The basis of the skin care programme is a gentle, but thorough use of cleansing milk and purifying lotion. Supplement this with ultra purifying cream applied in the morning and at night to create finer pores and prevent deposits. The trace elements in oligo element balancing support a balanced complexion.

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The classic treatment for combination skin regulates the lipid content, balances the fat and moisture content of your skin, and refines the pores in the T-zone.

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