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body essentials CONTOUR 200ml

Botanic silicium from millet and tannins from oak optimize skin texture. The formation of structural proteins is promoted. Collagen and glucosaminoglucanen synthesis is accelerated. The skin profile is improved from inside out (anti-cellulite effect). The outline is visibly firmed and toned.

As a result: your silhouette will be visibly tightened and remodeled.

Apply this body care gel-lotion daily on problem areas and massage gently. Used regularly the active ingredient glaucine improves the removal of tissue fluid, the appearance of orange peel skin is significantly improved, the skin becomes firmer.

Note: Apply body essentials ENERGIZE before applying body essentials CONTOUR to intensify your home care effect! body essentials ENERGIZE’s intensified circulation will boost the effect of this gel-lotion.

Please notice the warnings on the product package, when using body essentials ENERGIZE.

At your specialist Methode Brigitte Kettner Institute this product is also available as a HOME-SPA SET "CYTO-CELLULAR" together with body essentials CYTOLIFT, Formula II from the NutriCosmetics range and separately obtainable compression bandages.

This product is vegan

This product is vegan
BE contour 200ml
body essentials CONTOUR 200ml

Gel-type lotion which cares for and contours the body.

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