Brigitte Kettner

The founder

Born in Luxembourg, Brigitte Kettner has been actively involved in cosmetics research since the early sixties. After completing her studies in biology in Bologna with a focus on bacteriology and dermatology, she worked at a famous dermatology clinic in Switzerland. In 1971, Brigitte Kettner was teaching biological fundamentals at Scuola Estetica di Milano and soon assumed management of the branch in Modena with its integrated cosmetics institute.

In 1973, the passionate skin and cosmetics expert opened her own beauty farm in Luxembourg. Kettner’s motto: "Facts are what count in skin research, but in cosmetics it’s the visible results that matter." And she’s 100% right. In no time she had over 2,000 regular customers.

In her efforts to address every cosmetic problem personally, individually and effectively, Brigitte Kettner developed her own treatment concepts and her precisely coordinated cosmetics products: the Classic Line. And Methode Brigitte Kettner (MBK) was born. In 1987, customers in Germany gained access at home to Brigitte Kettner’s successful product lines. Just two years later, the entrepreneur won over clients in Asia with the high quality and effectiveness of her products and applications. In exchange, Brigitte Kettner studied the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and integrated them into her own treatment concepts. Today, Methode Brigitte Kettner is admired by beauty experts and skin specialists worldwide.

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