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B.Kettner BodyCurve Serum 100ml

Firming anti-aging and anti-cellulite serum (fluid) for the body

This serum reduces the first signs of unsightly cellulite bumps, strengthens the connective tissue, smoothes and firms the skin. The B.Kettner BodyCurve Serum must be applied uniformly on the area of the skin which is going to be treated, befor the use of the B.Kettner B.Kettner BodyCurve device. As an alternative, the fluid can be applied after the shower, just before the daily body care.

Intensive firming body care

It’s intensive actif ingredients regenerate flabby connective tissue in the upper arm, in the thighs and in the chest. The innovative combination of Lipo-Complex with natural plant ingredients such as algae and caffeineIt vitalizes the microcirculation of dull and tired skin. It improves cell drainage (e.g. in case of cellulite, swollen eyelids), it also firms and smooths the surface of the skin. helps reduce fat deposits and helps loose fat. In addition, the serum helps improove body drainage and microcirculation. As a result, the unsightly cellulite bumps caused by the accumulation of fat and water in the cells are visibly reduced. The firming and regenerating vegetal ingredients restore then the firmness and the elasticity of the skin. These ingredients inhibit the breakdown of the hyaluronic acidIt firms and smooths the skin (anti-aging effect especially by mature skin). It helps dehydrated and dry skin maintain the hydration of the stratum corneum and the elasticity of the skin. and thus rebalance the skin’s hydratation. Thanks to its good consistency, the B.Kettner BodyCurve Serum is well absorbed by the skin and leaves the skin soft and velvety. This product does not contain any additional fragrances such as essential oils.

BodyCurve Serum 100ml
B.Kettner BodyCurve Serum 100ml

Firming anti-aging and anti-cellulite serum (fluid) for the body

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