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Skin Splash Fluid

Skin Splash Fluid

The Brigitte Kettner method has enriched SKIN SPLASH FLUID with new active ingredients. The formula has been adjusted to modern standards, and instead of acrylics, the product now uses a modern, plant-based emulsifier "made in Germany." This current emulsifier contributes to better product stability, allows for improved product absorption, and also provides a pleasant skin feel. The refreshing effect is accompanied by a new, pleasantly fresh and herbal scent.

SKIN SPLASH FLUID still contains proven ingredients such as Q10 and hyaluronic acid. In addition, the outstanding active ingredient sea buckthorn fruit oil has been added. The vitamin E in sea buckthorn fruit oil increases moisture retention and protects the skin from premature aging due to UV rays and harmful environmental influences.

Dermatologically tested!

Here's the product link --> Skin Splash Fluid

Despite the introduction of an updated formula and new active ingredients, we have not increased our prices.




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