The NATURAL LINE is specially designed for all sensitive skin types, as well as delicate problem skin (allergies, neurodermatitis, damaged skin e.g. due to chemotherapy, cortisone). It contains only pure, natural ingredients. It contains natural plant extracts from controlled organic cultivation and cold-pressed oils.

The balanced supply of natural protective and restorative substances supports the skin in its natural biological processes. With purely natural active ingredients we give back to the skin what the environment has taken from it. It supports the skin in rebuilding and maintaining the skin barrier. The combination of active ingredients helps the skin to improve self-regeneration of the skin and to avoid irritations or to alleviate existing irritations. The NATURAL LINE gives a fresh, healthy complexion and a vital, natural radiance. It promotes the health of sensitive and delicate skin and makes it particularly soft. The line is particularly mild and "non-irritant" and contains no additional colourants, fragrances or perfumes.


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